When is a Marriage Not Worth Saving?

When is a marriage not worth saving? – Remsen Law

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions a person can make in his or her life. Some romantic relationships may last a lifetime and when done correctly, marriage can too. However, some marriages fail due to infidelity, financial problems, extramarital obligations, and a general breakdown of the relationship. Divorce can be a lifesaver for individuals who are struggling to stay afloat in their marriages. Here are instances where a marriage may not be worth saving:

  • When there is abuse

Abuse in a relationship, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, is a big red flag and a sign that the marriage may not be able to continue. While most couples occasionally argue, resorting to violence or psychological abuse can negatively affect a person’s well-being. If you are experiencing abuse in your marriage, it is a good idea to reach out to a therapist and the local authorities. It is important to remember not to face your abuser alone, especially if you have young children who might also be at risk.

  • When addiction is a problem

It is well known among social workers that addiction can wreak havoc on the family unit. Alcohol, painkillers, and other hard drugs can easily tear an amicable marriage apart and leave families in chaos. If you have struggled to support an addicted spouse and they are unwilling to accept help, it may be time to begin thinking about your own well-being. If you have children, they may also be suffering from the environmental effects of living and interacting with an addict.

  • When your spouse is unwilling to work with you

A marriage is all about compromise and working together. Without cooperation, no relationship can flourish, and a marriage has no hope of lasting. If you feel that your marriage has become one-sided and your partner is no longer willing to keep his or her end of the bargain, it may be time to reconsider your holy matrimony. Over time, relationship bonds should strengthen, and couples should be willing to make compromises. However, if you are stuck paying most of the bills, taking care of all the domestic responsibilities, and making the most effort in the relationship, it may be a sign that your partner has stopped caring.

There are a variety of other marital concerns that a person should not ignore when considering whether to save their marriage. They include:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial irresponsibility
  • Constant criticism
  • Not upholding parental responsibilities
  • Failing to communicate
  • Criminal or addictive behavior
  • Possessive or controlling behavior
  • Disagreement on priorities
  • Lack of respect
  • Disagreement on children
  • Lack of affection/intimacy
  • Disrespect towards friends or family
  • Not willing to listen to concerns
  • Unwilling to work on marital issues

If you feel that your marriage may be heading down the road to divorce, it’s important that you have an experienced divorce attorney and family lawyer to help you in your time of need. Contact the Remsen Law Firm for more information.