Should I Delay my Divorce Until After the Holidays?

Holiday Divorce

The holidays are nostalgic and full of sentiment for most families. Even for couples experiencing marital difficulties, the holidays can be reminiscent of joyful times in years past with their significant other. There may be hope to recapture those feelings and a belief that the relationship can be repaired. Sadly, this is often not the case. However, a couple on amicable terms and with a healthy co-parenting dynamic may want to spend one last holiday season as a family. Parents feel a responsibility to provide their children with magical memories of the holidays. They do not want them to associate the most festive time of the year with a heartbreaking divorce and family break-up. Those couples that spend time with extended family during the holidays may not want to announce their marital dissolution at a family function. Not only can it ruin the mood of the day, but it can also provoke anxiety rather than support.


The New Year and Increased Divorce Filings


January is historically the most active month for couples to begin the process of filing for divorce. New Year’s resolutions generally have people re-evaluating their lives and setting goals for the future. In a troubled marriage, the goal may be to end a relationship and start anew.

The end of the tax year is the best time to separate your finances and marital assets. Next year’s taxes can be filed independently and not co-mingled with your spouse.


Covid-19 and the Divorce Rate in 2020


Divorce rates have already spiked this year due to the coronavirus lockdown. Unprecedented stressors caused by this pandemic are the nation’s high unemployment rates and the lockdown causing couples to be home for lengthy periods. There are significant financial concerns, increased domestic violence, deaths of loved ones, and children’s homeschooling, all contributing to family discord. The psychological turmoil that the pandemic has created will likely cause a sharp increase in divorce filings after the 2020 holiday season.


Reasons to File for a Divorce before the Holidays


Filing for divorce before the holidays can circumvent the emotional burden of having to spend time with your spouse’s extended family members. It is challenging to keep up appearances as a couple while prolonging a dysfunctional relationship. However, the most significant factor to consider is whether you are in danger. A high-conflict relationship can escalate during the holiday season. The tension between couples is exacerbated by spending more time together and the holidays’ emotional and financial stresses. While this is a time meant for celebrations, behaviors of drinking and domestic violence can reach their peak. If you are in danger from an abusive spouse, you should seek immediate help from an experienced divorce attorney.


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