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Many plea deals in misdemeanor and even felony cases involve being on probation in exchange for a reduced or suspended sentence. When an individual violates their probation, they risk forfeiting the favorable terms of their deal and being subjected to the full force of the law.

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Violating Probation Is a Serious Matter

For violating probation, the alleged violator could be subjected up to the max penalty of the original crime. This is a critical matter for people who receive suspended sentences. For example, if your three-year prison term was suspended in favor of probation, you could be forced to serve the three-year sentence if you are found guilty of violating your probation.

Among the most common reasons that probation violation cases are triggered are:

  • Missing curfew
  • Failing a drug test
  • Committing another crime
  • Failing to check in with parole officer

In order to hold up, a probation violation has to be considered willful and substantial. If someone missed curfew because they were visiting a loved one at the hospital or picking up milk on the way home from work, that is not likely to stand. If someone is accused of committing a new crime, the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove the alleged violator’s guilt, just like it was for the original crime.

An Experienced Probation Defense

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