Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are being investigated for a crime or if you find yourself being faced with criminal charges, searching for the best attorney can be an overwhelming experience. Being a suspect in a crime or being arrested evokes a flood of emotions such as fear, shame, depression, and anger. The potential of being denied freedom is a traumatic experience. It has personal, social, and professional consequences that will affect the rest of your life. When you choose an attorney, you want it to be the right one for your case, the one that believes in you and can give you the most favorable outcome.

We provide Compassionate Guidance and Advocacy to Protect your Rights

The Remsen Family Law Firm is dedicated to providing creative solutions in matters of criminal defense. We are fierce negotiators with proven success in negotiations and courtroom trials, in cases of:

• Drug possession
• Juvenile crimes
• Probation Violation
• Theft/Shoplifting
• Assault & Battery

Preparing for a Meeting with a Criminal Defense Attorney

When choosing an attorney, some critical questions are the attorney’s education and credentials, testimonials from prior clients, and their history of success for defending the same or similar crimes. It is essential to ask about an attorney’s experience with negotiating plea agreements, courtroom trials, and options besides going to trial.

For your first consultation with an attorney, bring any documents that you have received from the court with your charges and court appearance date. Bail paperwork, lists of witnesses, victims, other defendants, photographs, videos, audiotapes, and a copy of the police report will help the attorney begin an investigation and determine your options in crafting strategies for your defense.

Communication is Key to a Successful Defense

It is vital to choose an attorney that takes the time to listen, has a sincere interest, and is responsive. A client must communicate openly and honestly about their situation and their goals. Inquire about scheduling future communication with the attorney. Options can include in-person meetings, telephone conferences, e-mail, or text to answer questions and get updates.

A potential client should have a clear understanding of the fee structure, such as a fixed fee or an hourly cost for services and payment options. Attorney and retainer fees, the charges for an investigation, the possible hiring of expert witnesses, and the court fees for hearings and a trial should be discussed ahead of time. The complexity of a case and the severity of the criminal offense determines the overall costs.

A Criminal Defense Attorney must consider all factors to Develop a Strategy

You deserve the most effective representation, whether your case is resolved through negotiations, plea-bargaining, or a courtroom trial. Various strategies are used to defend a client. It is based on the client and witness explaining the events, the physical evidence, expert testimony, and any procedural errors made by law enforcement or the prosecution. For example, suppose an arrest is unjustified or mishandled. In that case, a violation of a defendant’s constitutional rights can render the evidence inadmissible. Other examples of defense strategies are mistaken identity, duress, the burden of proof standards, entrapment, self-defense, a mistake of fact, insanity, and involuntary intoxication.

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State and federal penalties can be harsh. Our office works collaboratively with our clients to ensure that they have an understanding of their legal proceeding and their options. We strive to conduct a thorough investigation of the evidence and work tirelessly to mitigate charges and clear our clients’ names and reputations. Every case is unique, and we provide the personalized attention that you deserve.

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