Disestablishment of Paternity

Paternal rights father and baby

Establishing paternity is the legal process of identifying the biological father of a child, usually for purposes of child support, custody, and visitation.  It may be necessary to determine a child’s eligibility for public or private benefits such as health and life insurance, social security, veteran’s benefits, family’s medical history,…

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Special Considerations for Grey Divorce

Grey Divorce Decree

Grey divorce, or elder divorce, is modern day terminology that describes long term married couples over the age of 50 seeking dissolution of marriage.  This “grey divorce” trend is accelerating faster than the average divorce rate, particularly in the State of Florida, where there are many retirees.  Grey divorce can…

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How to Dispute a Shoplifting Charge


Shoplifting is a criminal action that occurs when a person is involved in theft of goods from a retail establishment, usually concealing the item(s) on their person or in a purse, bag, baby stroller, umbrella, etc.  The owners of retail stores have theft prevention programs that include security cameras, staff…

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