All About Alimony


Questions often arise about alimony and child support payments during divorce proceedings. These payments aim to help spouses adjust to single life and become self-supporting after a divorce. While some couples can negotiate alimony terms on their own, most need a family law attorney like Frank P. Remsen, P.A., to…

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A Guide to Understanding Child Support

parenting and child support

All able and willing parents have the legal obligation to care for their children, regardless of if they are married, divorced, or co-parenting. Child support payments ensure that children under 18 in the state of Florida are given the financial resources they need for essentials such as education, healthcare, food,…

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5 Essential Co-Parenting Tips

parenting father and daughter

Co-parenting with your ex won’t always be easy, but it can be successful with a strategy and collaborative rules set forth at the beginning of this new arrangement. These five tips can help you understand how to begin co-parenting or improve a current co-parenting situation. Divorce and the end of…

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Divorce and Substance Abuse

substance abuse pills

Is your spouse’s substance abuse tearing your marriage apart? When the two of you married, life seemed to be opening up a door of adventures and love. You knew this person so well, and as a couple, you just clicked. Whatever obstacles would get in your way, you knew you…

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Pet Custody Disputes in Divorce

Divorce: cat and dog sleeping

Pets are an integral part of many families, and for some, they are comparable to children. In addition to a profound emotional investment, pet owners may spend large amounts of money on their animals. Examples are grooming, health insurance, veterinary bills, fashionable clothing, and some even have strollers to take…

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